Ladies of Charity

St. Vincent's in St. Louis, MO

Welcome to the Ladies of Charity of

St. Vincent's in St. Louis, MO


Our Ladies of Charity have grown and changed over the years. They strive to address the challenges that test today's poor, regardless of what face the poor may wear. You will see Ladies of Charity volunteering at Parish service events and volunteering with programs outside our St. Vincent Church community.

The Ladies motto "To Serve Rather Than Be Served" is taken to heart by our members. The programs we support financially are programs we also support with our volunteer hours.

Our Service Works

Weekly Clothing Window:

St. Vincent's Parish Senior Bingo

St. Vincent's Food Pantry

St. Vincent's Christmas Program

Baptism Blankets

Nutrition Program For Lunch Window

St. Lazare House

Catholic High School Tuition Assistance

From the Heart Rummage Sale

Spiritual Events

May Crowning Mass and Luncheon: TBA

Annual Day of Reflection: October 15, 2022


From the Heart Rummage Sale: Monthly, check calendar

Annual Walk for the Poor: September 24, 2022

Annual Spring Card Party: April 24, 2023

Bi-Annual Fashion Show Luncheon: June 17, 2023

Funds also come from our annual dues, donations, and LCUSA Grants.

Contact us: